Friday, January 20, 2017

Been working

Been working with this guy for a few days now,  on getting the hard drive prepared to leak out. They helped me get control of the channel for now, so i will be able to upload a back log tonight.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Camera Guy

So, They keep insisting  on having this camera guy film everything we do, following us around as if it's for some sort of documentary.

They asked me to make contact again with VOT I refused. But if it's the only way to grab all the files needed in order to leak the information.. or was I meant to destroy it.. I can't remember...

No leak it.. It only  makes sense.. I am a whistle blower after all it's what we do. we leak the documents of what happens in secrecy.

First thing is first...

I am being contacted by some one else... that claims to be on my side, warning me about HU, but I think it's just the military trying to trick me so i threw the phone in the bin and broke it.

this person kept muttering Silens Verumi

I don't know any more

what I do know is that I have my reasons for doing what I do. and what I need to do is as follows

1.) get rid of VOT
2.) gather intelligence about the base
3.) prepare everyone
4.) get everything about 2-5C
5.) Leak it to you guys
6.) get the security tapes of inside 2-5C i saw there was some.. possible internal recording. I need to see if dillon was killed.. I don't even know any more

that's where I am up to now...

I know my mission. I am the whistle blower..

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Going To Plan

I still have the key, the key to 2-5C. The key to end all of this mayhem. well maybe not end it. But possibly find a way to get my life back on track.

I have some news for all of you that are following. I am not sure when or how these messages are getting across but if you are getting then thanks. thanks for helping me along the away

fron what i can recall, and  remember I was being led by an AI that was built into the system of 2-5C. what 2-5C really is we don't really know but when we do know is that it's dangerous. and we let it loose.

it killed dillon, it turned the army against me. and now i am forced to run and hide, live in secrecy for such a long time.

we have plans to go back as i have said multiple times before. and I know it's confusing really but just know that I am safe... for now.. and i'll have more information as it comes..

as for the channel.. as of this post... I have no more control over it... VOT has it now.

 - JD-FSA-01-S59