Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I am scared

I don't like this if I am going to be Honest with you guys. I havE been too scared to contact captain Andrews and all this waiting is making my stomach ache. I did some more research especially on the whole die glocke Project and what I saw was a Little troubling to Say the least..

soMe of the surrounding areas of the where this project took placE is very similar to the surrounding areas Of the base of where I worked at. it's Creepy to think that 2-5C may very well be a vaIult of some sort. But if it's a remnant of 1940s how do we explaiN the hArd drivE... NOne of this makeS sense at all it Is something that Has been keepinG Me up at night.

And then there is the issue of the person that has contacted ME through my channel. This person known as SITD, not sure what that means. but some how it is making me a little nervous knowing there is something out there that is... helping me? I don't know anymore.. I think I may wring The captain tomorrow