Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2-5C More Files

So I have been looking into 2-5C, and well. I don't have it all. there is still some shit missing. I need to go back. but... He keeps getting mad at me. I don't know who it is or what it is. But it won't leave me alone unless I do what it says, and what it wants me to do. ans it wants is for me to leak out what ever it was inside 2-5C.

But i'm not one for half assed jobs. I want all the information before i can leak it out. I need all the information before I can tell anyone. I apologize for my absence,  and If I worried anyone but. My house has become unsafe. People have been banging on my door, and trying to break in. I have been living by my self for the past couple of weeks on the street. But before I can go back to Outpost-5-G, I need to get my U.E.F identification passes from house.

My house, My unsafe mess of a house. Probably bugged, who knows what else is bugged. Who knows what HE has gotten me into, what he has infected.

Expect updates. soon

- JD-FSA-01-S59