Tuesday, April 28, 2009


2-5C, we found it. And it's definitely something. The amount of stuff that's down there is amazing, all this old 30's technology and documents upon documents on experiments, and weapons, and technology. Too much for us to even carry out our selves.

Dillon took a box with him and I took one as well and I have been reading through them. most of them just refer to ancient beings and the ability to break the fabric of reality. mostly garbage really which kinda makes me a bit annoyed.

From what Dillon has been telling me, his box is pretty much the same. though his had some information about a project called "Tief Graben" which is something about a "Deep Dig" in order to find ancient artifacts left over by a civilization past. again. a bunch of weird garbage. Nothing like the the other documents we glimpsed at down there.

I totally forgot about the technical problem there as well. Just it was sort of interesting what was there. Almost like a vault lost in time and that's what really got me distracted all of the lost information that may not be discovered again.

I told Dillon that we should report this to Captain Andrews and he got really defensive saying that we should fully explore the area first and then report it him, then said he's going back down there alone. He seems even more fascinated by it than I do. I sure as hell am not going to go down there alone at night, i'll fix the issue tomorrow morning.

- JD-FSA-01-S59